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Lousy Fog


I am tired
Of this wait,
This lane,
This phase.

I ain’t inspired
By this weight,
Of this plane,
From the space.

I am clustered
By this drought,
From this clan,
It’s like a trance.

I have no placard
For this frost,
This heaty-wetty clone,
Lingering at my heart’s entrance

I would get battered
If I extend no combat,
To this strain,
Blurring my countenance.

Aisha Harun (Nana bee)
August, 2016


Can we even love brethren?

I am having cranberry
Raspberry, blasberries for iftar
Name the berry and its my merry Ramadhan is so much jolly

I have fasted with all my might
15 to 18 hours that’s been so tight
I am trying to impress my creator
Without carving off like a curator.

A nice meal I had for iftar
Filling my spines beyond my tommy
This monthly routine is such a price
And I pay it well, keeping off all Rice

I am now lost in my own tears
Pools of blood circling my length
I miss the meal I had for iftar
Two days ago and still counting

Land of woes is where I am from
Bereft of all the joys it used to have
I ask for nothing more than a penny
To save for sahur, skipping today’s iftar

It was fun when we had water
The kids holding hands as they claps their worries
The rags we wore made us feel like kings
For breathe was all the wealth we were left with

My guilt would never leave me
I pretend like I feel no dizzy
Stocking my fridge while I grumble
About how my purse flattens over time

I can’t drink water straight from the tap
Nor consume groceries straight from the earth
My personal list of worries goes forever endless
As my brothers in the middle east suffer in silence

They cry but we laugh
No! They are not silent amidst their wails
But you and I have seem not hear
Ignoring them like we don’t even care

Can we even love brethren?
Do we have hearts hidden away in our chests
Even at iftar we barely remember
To mention their troubles to Allah

Know that you are no Muslim enough brother
If you care not of the affairs of your brothers
As they whimper away across bothers
Do the lot you can to better their fetters.

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The Heat

IMG_20160317_160953It was cool
Really cool
The breeze blowing from all poles
East, north, West all round to south

But it all seemed harsh
With a punch of harmattan
Not in the city of Manhattan
But w/n towns that utilize the use of calabash

I tossed in bed
With a feeling so blessed
But when I turned over to the other side
My smile resolved into a mortal glide

The heat has set in
Shooing off harmattan’s bid
Leaving us with in the care of hot wind
And some rashes to concede its creed

Aisha Harun (Nana bee)
March, 2016


meeting you

Tbh this poem is just one of those I dump on my phone. I prolly wrote it before fajr or on my way to town from school. Yeah, that’s when I write love poems that are beautiful. I don’t need much concentration or enjoy if you think it’s cool. If not, oops ūüėęūüėĒ my bad.

I do miss blogging subhanallah! I hope to get back in sha Allah. Lots of love ūüíėūüíĚūüíĚ.
Enjoy. . .#tb

I’d write a poem
In your name
Sing a song
Upon your lineage

I love you a million years and over
A million seconds by 60
A million minutes by 24
I love you all 365 days plus 1

What we share is unknown
A secret beneath the surface
Underneath the depth of the ocean
And far off into the skies

You are the treasure I have always sought
The ruby I never lost
You are my strength when I am weak
The pillar all through my construction

There are always 2 sides to a coin
But our coin got the whole world in a puzzle
For the ‘sides’ are without the other “s”
Our coin is with just a “s”ide

I wanted to look in the book
The book immune to every crook
No look can reveal its nook
Only patience can expose its brood

But then I couldn’t
The All-knowing alone knows what it entails
He knows your name and tribe
And would one day grace me with that knowledge

I would wait the wait of a bird
Leaving its nest immediately it’s dawn
Oh I can’t wait; no feigns
My heart and soul yearn only your company

You would read this and smile
And your smile would make me smile
Together we shall rise
And fulfill our unmade promises.

Aisha Harun (Nana bee)

My Pail of Love ūüĒ•‚̧‚̧


Love sails


Pains and trails

Love is a lousy train


Let’s talk about love

The type that links together

Not batallions

Nor in unison different unions

Just two beings together as one


Love engages my heart in a breathing

Engrossing me in its deep feelings

Experimenting my eyes with some weeping

Making me float in a red ocean


An ocean of love and pain



So unravelling

Love is such an alien infusion


I have been speaking Latin

Spanish, Turkish, but not Arabic

I am confused so don’t refuse

To understand this dark poem of loving


Love is strong like fire

Its fire hurts my entire desire

Hot like Ice

Cold like fire

Melting my steel of a heart


This story is sadly a sad one

Different from a luscious bun

Oh I have been drained of all blood

That blows in the sweet direction of love


Look me less I am not your looking mirror

Smile at me less for I am just a bleaking mirror

You trip I rip

You quiz I sneeze


I have lost all sense of armour

So don’t talk to me about am√≤r

The sound of it hurts my entire being

And pulls me down the lane of no return


A lane of threads of cane

A sail of faltering rain

Rains of pails of pain

Give me some sunshine pls don’t feign


I am a woman of honor

Dignity and color

A woman of customs and values

In this new field of sunshine


The day is now bright

The lawn is now wide

My heart is now large

But yet I still feel pains


Pains of love

from love

and to love. . .

Pains from the fear to be In Love!



Nana Aisha Harun


To the “Cold” Oppressors


A refreshing can of shame

A can of coal

With bubbles like imports from mines

Fetched from depths beneath

And then rolled up in a ball.

A bottle of coal

Dark like the pupil of an owl

Refreshing but for a moment,

To the one who lets it off like a trumpet.

A drink of pain

Pain to the one who consumes it

To the one who didn’t even taste it

To the one its gains go to

Gains of shame and pains

Of all the gains in the world,

This gain brings forth only sorrow

And unlimited barrels of pains

Barrels of torment and pains

Barrels of fear in yonder

Castrating the able forever

Silencing the babies so tender

Oh What a drink!

Refreshing you as you gulp

Gulp down the barrels of blood

Refreshing your sense of inhumanity

Oh What a drink!

You buy one you kill tons

Tons of innocent civilians

Lying at the feet of their villain

Oh What a drink!

Sliding down your throat in full blast

Messing with your lungs like tic-tac-toe

Cooking up some parts of your intestines

Perhaps, all.

Oh what a man!

Would fund the killings of his brothers

And then say his quota is too small

To even make it to the borders of the adversary

Stop this pains of vain

Stop this act of shame

Be your brothers keeper today

By saying “NO” to another can of coke.

Nana Aisha Harun


The world is a word of advice

Fashioned by the elders

Relevant to the contemporals

A fleet of status quos

The world is a market place

Different stalls, various items

Imitations of the ancient ones

Desires of the present

The world is a tale to be told

A book of histories

Stories of the ancient ones

Lessons for the greenhorns

The world is delusional

Merriments seeming like forever

Though wronged a huge chunk of the ancient ones

It’s¬†still counted on and trusted¬†by¬†the¬†newly¬†borns

The world is meant to be fair

Promising, Fulfilling and funfilling

But it never is close to that

except to those who barely expect fairness.


I’m¬†doing¬†this¬†from¬†my¬†head¬†right¬†now. I¬†justneeded¬†to¬†write¬†something¬†down. I¬†dont¬†care¬†if¬†this¬†turns¬†out¬†bad….¬†aslong¬†as¬†you¬†point¬†out¬†where¬†the¬†bad¬†is¬†ūüôā …¬†Goood¬†morninggggg!¬†But¬†sadly,¬†i’m¬†just¬†going¬†to¬†sleep.

Good¬†night!¬†ūüôā¬†xxx¬†sweet¬†dreams¬†if¬†you’re¬†just¬†turning¬†in¬†too. Byeeee

Bitter sweet

Don’t lie, it’s a sin

Say the truth, it’s bravery

Toughness is not an appearance

toughness is a state of the mind

You dont have to be on a battlefield to be strong

Just use the right words and you’re sturd

Lemme remind you of a sayings of Muhammad (pbuh)

Before i launch the slice of gladings

He said, and here I am quoting, that

“A man who defeats in a fight isn’t the brave,

But the one who controls his temper is.”

You feel that bravery?

the beauty and solace that comes in disguise?

Do you understand those word?

It says to be brave,

You just have to keep calm at first

And believe me, piercing words would come handy

Let’s get back to the brass tacks.

We were talking “bitter sweet” before the diversion

The truth they say is bitter and a lie, sweet?

You’d be a little beyond shocked when you experiment it

you need no lab, nor chemicals

It’s just your mouth, let’s do the magic.

Taste the truth and tell me what you feel

Yeah, you don’t wanna bite further? I know

But chewing a lie is worse!

The sweetness ends almost immediately it begins

Unlike the truth, whose bitterness is ephemeral,

Giving you the courage, bracing you for the worse,

Reassuring and making you feel confident.

Diss the other it’s of no use

A lie just makes you shiver, stutter and fidget.

Making you  bad, it would also soil your personality.

Wrapping up this package of bravery due for delivery,

I am going repeat in context rather than words

That speaking the truth is bravery

For lying messes  with your conscience a great deal.

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