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Aisha the foodie

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The heading above gives you an insight to the content that’s following now. you shake your head, grin, or perhaps, coo with a little swerve that “i’ve finally admitted what a foodie i am” – for those who already know me. If you didn’t know me, here is what you may be thinking: Oh? is she actually a foodie? Or does she intend to say the reverse of what the heading depicts? How would one even admit that she is a foodie? Is she gonna talk about herself or some other Aisha? …and the list could be endless. And hey! if you didn’t know already, know it now. I am Aisha! Aisha Harun to be precise. And believe it when i say i hate to not use my name as my username for this blog, fate just always has different plans! Besides, “Nanabee” is so cool. Such a cool .. de plume that i am eternally grateful that Allah granted it to me. hehehehe 🙂

Shall we get serious here and now?.?

Food can be said to be any substance, consumable, and beneficial to the body, giving it the nourishment and vigor it requires. We are not in a food class, so i would assume further reiteration about what food means isn’t necessary here. However, it is paramount that i include, that food is also any edible substance with attraction, aroma, and also with the capability of triggering hunger – that might not have been perceived before one comes in contact with food. And yes! food is attractive. Many would go for a particular meal over the other at a ceremonial function because the former looks well garnished and/or smells so nicely. In fact, hunger sometimes dissolves into thin air when outlining the reasons why some people eat as much as they do. They don’t feel hungry but they are inevitably attracted to the food. So bang! They attack with their harmless but steel weapons of spoons and forks. Need i say here, that food is like fine wine (for those who have a comprehensive understanding of the pertinence and joy it proffers) or like a beautiful bride: untouched, physically bounteous and ready to be relished by one deprived of for a time too long. In essence, when a man eats good but delicious food, he forgets his woes – even if it for the minutest of seconds. The question that springs forth then is, “How there you call such person a foodie? How dare you? Aha!

imagesThink about your life and the events that have portrayed themselves in it. Reflect over your likes and desired properties and valuables you have always wanted to acquire; albeit the ones you have acquired. Does “eating surface on the list?” why then should you eat as though it were the top of your to-do list each day (and still consider yourself as no foodie)? if you ask me, i would say it is because it is as necessary as every other thing i intend to covet in life because, food is the fuel for the body. But No! saying that automatically makes me a foodie.

If i commend a plate of amala and abula , garnished with shaki, fuku, and kpomo (assorted meats) i would be tagged a foodie! If my display picture on social network carries the picture of “nkwobi” with a sweating cup of orange juice beside it, i am a foodie! To ruin it all, if i am found devouring a plate of a properly prepared porridge, some unique casserole or even rice, beans and dodo with maybe kpomo that had been long drowned in soup (making it so curled up), ahhh…. i just affirmed their presumptions. I, Aisha, am a hopeless foodie!

Let’s get practical a while – for those who are familiar with the funke Akindele current series-
If you eat as much as kiki does in “JENIFA’S DIARIES,” i really wonder what category you fall in. If you would compare yourself to the way jenifa eats,  you are like I am :). if you are no more than toyosi – barely ready to cook but almost always prepared to eat, i could be better than you are. But if you are “Adaaku – shoo gbojookuni?” congratulations my friend. we have just located the foodie in the heading above! *grins*

On a serious note, Islam teaches us to appreciate the provisions made by Allah but that we shouldn’t let extremities take charge. The prophet (pbuh) relished different dishes, drinks, and sweets during his days. History revealed that he loved bread, honey, milk, and dates! No, you wouldn’t! you wouldn’t know all that. You would rather eat little food because you watching your weight. you would barely eat fruits as you already bought yourself some snacks and cant be superfluous in your spending. Besides, Aisha is the foodie here not you. init?

Get the point fam. Read the words rather the ink of which they have been crafted.

The fact that a person appreciates the beautiful colour that each variety of food is adorned with (by the Almighty), the fact that I like to have a taste of, not just a single type of food (for i am no food racist, aha!), the fact that i eat fruits before a meal, while relaxing, or suck on a candy while studying does not make me a foodie. And then, the fact that you don’t do all that but eat only thrice a day does not make you any less of a foodie!

Some of these people who tag others foodie, eat with bowls big enough to house a baby during its shower, thrice on a daily basis and still say “Why are you such a foodie?” to people like us. Biko who are you deceiving?

i am making no suggestions that we eat for countless times in a day or make every food item a commuter into our intestines. i am simply saying, know the difference! appreciate food, savour the taste of each variety, eat but with moderacy and know the difference between what a foodie is and what it’s not!


And here we are readers, it’s still like a puzzle for whomsoever got carried away by the flow rather than the message (like i usually do when i read an article tirelessly.) It’s okay uno. You can read again to find out if i am a foodie or not :). Just know one thing for sure: moderacy is the key to leaving a healthy life (even in matters with no relations with food.)  If you eat varieties moderately and you’re tagged foodie, turn your “deaf ear mode” on. Shikena!

Warning: this post is not give a generally accepted definition of the word “foodie” but to change your notion as to how to use the word appropriately. Quoting me could hence, land in you in a foodie mess… :’)

Thanks for reading.

Nana bee


Not Guilty as charged

Hit this Link for the Post that inspired mine.

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“…even when the nights are long, the sun would always rise. We are now in a storm but i am starting to see clear skies, coz there is hope. There is always hope!…..”.


The lines above are words of the poet Amal Ahmad Albaz in a poem titled “Ya Balady.” I have used it as an opening for this post as “ibrofoto” sought of ended his posts with similar words. I am supposed to be sharing this post with just a few lines, but i think it deserves a sequel. It is one issue that no one thinks of or about, until he/she has someone in that situation, perhaps, himself!

I was in the middle of a story when I received the link for the post “behind the bars” which made me drift from the book I was engrossed in a while. As I read through the lines of the post, I found a hint of familiarity between the story I was reading and the content of the blog post. To keep you off the dark dear reader, the story I was reading is titled “Cell One.”

“Cell One” is a cell in a prison in Enugu, Nigeria, where ‘toughened criminals’- according to the Police Officers in charge – are kept. A boy was caught amongst some other cult members and was moved along with them to prison. Though innocent, he was at the right place at the wrong time. To clear your doubt, he wasn’t moved to “Cell One.” None of them was. They however, all knew about this mysterious Cell and the many tortures that took place in it.

All in all, an old man, of about seventy years of age, was soon brought to the prison, and kept with the other criminals in the same cell as the boy who was wrongly arrested. The seventy year old convicted even though “not guilty as charged” was in the prison because the police couldn’t locate his ‘run-away’ son, whom the man himself had not seen for the past four months! Imagine the irrationality. Not seeing your child in a long while and being arrested for the crimes of that same missing child. Of what use was the man to the prison if not to be put in the mouth of death itself. This man did not do anything and has no information to assist the police for further investigations but was still held custody.

Unable to bear the credulous treatment the old man was getting besides himself, the innocent boy spoke out on behalf of the man and dared the policemen. In the end, his reward for yelling at officers and standing up for a fellow prison inmate was “Cell One”, the place for top criminals.


Life is a place where the sales of “hope” is the only affordable commodity. No one can buy freedom except for the “filthy” rich; if you are rich and “clean”, then sorry bro. you still don’t meet the requirements. We have now been corrupted by forces beyond the ability of our innocence. No one can afford to be innocent anymore. The prison: a place to soften criminals – psychologically, and give to them a sense of remorse and conviction to change for the better has now become a place where sane minded people are rendered insane. It’s like a place for the letter O and figure 0 to be kept altogether, for you can barely tell the difference between a suspect and a criminal in the actual sense of it.

In retrospect, Dr. Josephine Obiadulu Okei-Odumakin, a woman rights activist, who has been arrested severally and been detained for about 17 times was in the University of Ilorin Auditorium, on the 24TH of May 2016, to address us students on the theme “Gender Equality: A might or reality” struck me like a true fighter, which she indeed is. She was enthusiastic and astonishing with her words and a mere glance at her would tell you how much of an emblem of freedom she is. The clips displayed on the screen while she made her speech to the congregation of students, was what actually left me completely overwhelmed. This woman, to my wonderment, was in one of the slides, being dragged by the police in what seemed like a black lorry. She was of course arrested for coming out in the open to fight for the rights of her fellow country people and there she was, being dragged like a criminal. But then, isn’t that the crime of our times? Isn’t speaking up for the oppressed and blurting the truth, no matter how bitter, the biggest of crimes of today? But again, there is always a silver lining in the dark clouds. Goodness would never leave you no matter how many times you get dragged in the mud for it.

Prisons are not the den of oppressors as we think. You must know that tons of innocent civilians are tortured daily for crimes yet to be committed. No one gets an alert for an accident before its occurrence. No one would have foreseen he would be convicted for the crime he did not commit. To be more explicit, you wouldn’t know who is next to fall victim to these oppressors punishing the oppressed and claiming it is vis-à-vis. There are Criminals for sure (in the actual sense of it), but then, there are Criminals with no crime to account for.

You may ignore this for it isn’t your business, but remember those who would stand up for you if tomorrow, God forbids, you are wrongly convicted. You need not go miles to rebuke the crimes of our time. All you need do is to start with yourself and then your community. Good is good even if no one is doing it.

May we not fall prey to traps not meant for us. Ameen.



Depression – A fast way to die.



A lady passed out right in front of me two days ago. Believe me it was like a joke! I had never experienced such and for an instance, I thought it was an act. Like for real? …. Alhamdulillah she was revived but with the intervention of a doctor. We couldn’t get to wake her up so we zoomed her to the nearest clinic.
No one knew why that happened as at then. We just could conclude that she had been all gloomy lately. She wouldn’t talk much and she snapped at her caller(s) over the phone. In addition, I thought she was suffering from “depression.”
When you are depressed, you are nowhere. If you are someone like myself, then you are even in oblivion; a place beyond nowhere. As a result, I can’t be depressed. Like No way! Depression makes me lose my mind and I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything. So I got a way out, I don’t let it happen.
After she was back to life, a friend tried to get words out of her. In the end, her problem was actually linked to depression. I guessed right! And you know what that problem she had was? You don’t wanna know, trust me.

There are so many things that could get you depressed. A sad day, a failed plan,an unsuccessful activity, a heartbreak, an important person in your life who never gets to understand you matter how hard you try to earn their understanding, the list is endless! But you know what? It’s totally unacceptable to think that wealth you covet, that baby you so adore, that (wo)man you are bottomlessly heads over heels with, that family you cherish so much, would be a part of your life forever. It’s good to be optimistic and assured but hey! Heartbreaks don’t come with notifications. Take it slow on yourself. Be happy but know that “no condi is permanent”. If the girl in the picture below committed suicide because her boyfriend dumped her for her friend (which is what the news implies), then what should the people in her life do to express/suppress their distress. What would her mother do to get back her precious daughter?

Life is a moment. Do not live it dying a meaningless death. You don’t even have to commit suicide to die. All you need to die is to be permanently heart broken, refusing to heal and move on with your beautiful life. And there you are; a goner!

You are special, and if whomsoever you expect to realize how special you are and treat you so doesn’t, then it’s their loss. Not yours!



Prayer beads (tesbih) in islam – my view


Prayer beads (tesbih) my view

It is known around the world, that the tesbih is one of the emblems of the Muslims. The instance you catch a glimpse of the tesbih in a lady’s handbag, hanging from the rear-view mirror of a person’s car or perhaps on a prayer rug, you can easily identify the owner of the item as a believer in Allah. It is used to do the praises of Allah – Subhanallah (praise be to Allah), Alhamdulillah (All thanks to Allah), Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest) – after every salah (prayer) 33 times each, with Laillaha illallah (there is no god but Allah) being the hundredth. This act has been in practice since the life of the prophet (pbuh) and would be , in sha Allah, till the end of time. The prayer beads are as a matter of fact, just for a smooth run of these praises.

However, not all Muslims regard this piece as part of the religion. Some regard using the tesbih as bid’ah (innovation) because it was not in use during the time of the rasul. They believe counting on your hands after salah shouldn’t be diluted with using a prayer bead holding to the opinion that the prophet (pbuh) said, “count the tesbih on your fingers for they would be made to speak.” From this Hadith, one would realize that the tesbih would not be able to bear him or her witness on the day of judgment as there would be nothing of such available on that day except our bodily parts with us to bear witness for or against our actions. In other words, prayer beads should be rated with a “thumbs down” rather than a “thumbs up” compare to the fingers.

Meanwhile, the tesbih has its own purpose as well. firstly, it should be noted that some sahabahs used pebbles or dates to count the tesbih during the time of the prophet. There was even a narration that an old lady would always carry her stones around in order to use it for her tesbih. These instance were however not reported to have been regarded as bid’ah by the rasul. His teachings was that the tesbih be counted on the right hand’s fingers as opposed to using the left hand. This is because one of the signs of the last hour is that people would count the tesbih on their left hands.

In the world today lots of things have been modernized. The prayer rugs are no longer made of straw, the masjid floor are now made of tiles and even the water pots for wudu have been replaced with kettles and taps. Advancement has set in and one can not regard them as bid’ah as long as they do not mingle with the deen.

I used to use the prayer bead as a child at home or in the masjid as my parents, particularly my mum, used to use it often. We had 2 to 3 tesbih in the house and we the kids would count on it too, even though we didn’t know its purpose then. As I grew more, I realized I needed to say some words we counting on it and not just chew my mouth with my fingers sliding down each bed in a haste.

After some while, I came across lots of people, at different times, who regarded prayer beads as forbidden in islam. At school, I finally gave my prayer beads up.

My mom would stuff it in my bag and I would just look at it without saying a word, and when I get to school, I would keep them away. I used my fingers after my salah instead.

Gradually, I started getting off the mursalah without counting my tesbih or getting lost in the counts. It was getting so much that I wondered what was wrong with me. I wasn’t very much of a patient person on the prayer rug as at then, so I would just get up after a few supplications.

I pondered on this issue for some while and then I decided to read up write ups concerning the tesbih. From what I read, I finally decided that it was best that I used my fingers.

When the habit of not remembering to count the tesbih persisted, I started placing my tesbih on my prayer mat each time I observed fajr. I wouldn’t use it, I just placed it there to serve as a reminder so I would always know I should do the tesbih before getting up.

This style worked for me but however, I still had an issue with staying on track. I always lost counts from time to time. Eventually, I decided I would go with the style my situation warrants nd this was it…

If my mind wasn’t stable, I would count on the tesbih. If I was in a rush or I needed to do lots of istighfars after fajr, I would put it in front of me for reminder. And whenever I was going to spend quality time on the prayer rug, I don’t bother taking the tesbih coz I know I wouldn’t forget to count on it. This however was the solution I resolved to.

Mind you, the tesbih is better kept away than used as long as you have your fingers to yourself. The tesbih is just to ease it for us. A lot of people today count on their tesbihs like they were running away from a thief who is just blocks away. They count on it so fast that no reward would be earned eventually, which shouldn’t be so. Be it your fingers or the prayer beads, set your intention right and be calm. But most of all, know that the fingers have their role to play on the day of judgement; standing in defense of you as regards your counting on them.

Pray right and count more 👍 :).

Wasalamu alaykum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh..

Aisha Harun (bee) ❤

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