beehI know my life is like a crazy box sometimes; perhaps, often times! Right now, I have three things ruminating my mind: how to be a better me, how to find a misplaced charger, and how to clear my mind.

Note that this post may be less beneficial than my previous posts – if you actually have been finding them beneficial. It might even seem like a no-direction piece to you eventually, so if you’ve got no time to spare, runnnnn. If not, then ride along with me pal! J

I just gulped down a sachet of pure water and so, my head is clearing. In retrospect, i have been enduring the pains tearing at my head from every corner of it, because i didn’t drink enough water after my brunch! and yeah, I can’t do without water 😦  Hear what the Doctor says each time: “you need 6 litres of water everyday Aisha!” But no! if i hear say i drink 4 seff

Now to the Proper of this discuss:


Yeah guys. i am the ugly version of myself and i am not even bluffing L. Think of Aisha Harun as a person; complete as God has made her, and believe me, you’d perceive nothing but wholeness. You’d see perfection in form of uniqueness. You’d see beauty worthy of lofty admiration. You’d see a legendary being. You’d seee….. *sigh* I am sighing because all those aren’t what you’d see. They are what you SHOULD see but you wouldn’t see them.

Here is the noise that’s been blurring the actual message – I am first of all, a huge procrastinator! And trust me, i am not doing what should be done, enough, to reel that off my sleeves. I need help!!!! Only that you can’t help me, i just gatta sit up and help myself! To be honest with you guys, that’s the best way to go – not only for me, but for everyone out there looking to make a difference! The change you wanna see in yourself begins with how you handle the situation.

Asides procrastinating, i am not a person full of vigor “naturally.” The energy that an average human exhumes is like times 2 of my entire energyL. But i am not a chicken aha! I am just some rare egg that belongs in a throne “literarily more than the actually meaning of that uno.” This one is kinda beyond me but there’s God. I need only turn to Him. Abi?

And here is the last – I HATE being praised. When someone says: “Hey! That’s so wonderful girl. Keep it up!” it extinguishes my morale. I know. It’s weird but that’s one thing I have no power over. I just don’t know why a ‘thumbs up’ should make me ‘face down.’ But it does and I am working on it. We all get praised for one thing or the other at every point in time in our lives, and I believe no one should be less inspired for a “thumbs up.” So Aisha, you gotta shake that off! ASAPpray


“Have you found mr Razak’s charger?” I have been asking around all day. I even asked the top-boss :-O Poor me L

I used Mr Razak’s charger yesterday and returned it to his backpack before leaving for home. This morning however, he told me the charger I had kept in his bag isn’t his. Then whose?

I found out, later on, that the one I had returned is the secretary’s. Someone else had detached my phone yesterday and taken away Mr Razak’s charger but I didn’t pay attention to that fact. I just picked up my phone from the desk, grabbed the only available charger in sight – because it looked exactly like Mr Razak’s  – and went on to deposit it into his bag. He had travelled to a nearby state and would only return later – after closing hour.

So guys, keep the charger in your duaa! May Allah help it find its way back to us. Everybody is worried now.


No one’s mind is ever stack clear. NOONE! But someone’s mind could be near clear: Free like a bird in the skies and smooth like the evening breeze against one’s fore-arms. Awwwww. Sounds cool right?

Something’s been bothering me since last night and trust me, it’s like a wet log on my mind – heavy, damp, and crumby! I didn’t know what to do nor how to push it out of my mind until an idea struck me. To pray! So I observed sallah and I felt better.

But here is it man, life never leaves you happy for so long. I learnt from Dr Qarni’s book that

man barely stays happy all through a day, without encountering something that would cause him distress.

I cried and prayed and then thought of those words and I shook it off! It was WORLD PASTA DAY yesterday, so I ate some spaghetti to wash off the thought. Man cannot comman die abeg.

Albeit, I still am thinking of that thing till this moment.  Am in other words, bothered!L Well,  I just need you to help say “AMEEN’ to my prayers. Perhaps, that’s the solution outta this one! Pheew!

Have a nice day!

PS – i didn’t design those images. They are memes