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The heading above gives you an insight to the content that’s following now. you shake your head, grin, or perhaps, coo with a little swerve that “i’ve finally admitted what a foodie i am” – for those who already know me. If you didn’t know me, here is what you may be thinking: Oh? is she actually a foodie? Or does she intend to say the reverse of what the heading depicts? How would one even admit that she is a foodie? Is she gonna talk about herself or some other Aisha? …and the list could be endless. And hey! if you didn’t know already, know it now. I am Aisha! Aisha Harun to be precise. And believe it when i say i hate to not use my name as my username for this blog, fate just always has different plans! Besides, “Nanabee” is so cool. Such a cool .. de plume that i am eternally grateful that Allah granted it to me. hehehehe 🙂

Shall we get serious here and now?.?

Food can be said to be any substance, consumable, and beneficial to the body, giving it the nourishment and vigor it requires. We are not in a food class, so i would assume further reiteration about what food means isn’t necessary here. However, it is paramount that i include, that food is also any edible substance with attraction, aroma, and also with the capability of triggering hunger – that might not have been perceived before one comes in contact with food. And yes! food is attractive. Many would go for a particular meal over the other at a ceremonial function because the former looks well garnished and/or smells so nicely. In fact, hunger sometimes dissolves into thin air when outlining the reasons why some people eat as much as they do. They don’t feel hungry but they are inevitably attracted to the food. So bang! They attack with their harmless but steel weapons of spoons and forks. Need i say here, that food is like fine wine (for those who have a comprehensive understanding of the pertinence and joy it proffers) or like a beautiful bride: untouched, physically bounteous and ready to be relished by one deprived of for a time too long. In essence, when a man eats good but delicious food, he forgets his woes – even if it for the minutest of seconds. The question that springs forth then is, “How there you call such person a foodie? How dare you? Aha!

imagesThink about your life and the events that have portrayed themselves in it. Reflect over your likes and desired properties and valuables you have always wanted to acquire; albeit the ones you have acquired. Does “eating surface on the list?” why then should you eat as though it were the top of your to-do list each day (and still consider yourself as no foodie)? if you ask me, i would say it is because it is as necessary as every other thing i intend to covet in life because, food is the fuel for the body. But No! saying that automatically makes me a foodie.

If i commend a plate of amala and abula , garnished with shaki, fuku, and kpomo (assorted meats) i would be tagged a foodie! If my display picture on social network carries the picture of “nkwobi” with a sweating cup of orange juice beside it, i am a foodie! To ruin it all, if i am found devouring a plate of a properly prepared porridge, some unique casserole or even rice, beans and dodo with maybe kpomo that had been long drowned in soup (making it so curled up), ahhh…. i just affirmed their presumptions. I, Aisha, am a hopeless foodie!

Let’s get practical a while – for those who are familiar with the funke Akindele current series-
If you eat as much as kiki does in “JENIFA’S DIARIES,” i really wonder what category you fall in. If you would compare yourself to the way jenifa eats,  you are like I am :). if you are no more than toyosi – barely ready to cook but almost always prepared to eat, i could be better than you are. But if you are “Adaaku – shoo gbojookuni?” congratulations my friend. we have just located the foodie in the heading above! *grins*

On a serious note, Islam teaches us to appreciate the provisions made by Allah but that we shouldn’t let extremities take charge. The prophet (pbuh) relished different dishes, drinks, and sweets during his days. History revealed that he loved bread, honey, milk, and dates! No, you wouldn’t! you wouldn’t know all that. You would rather eat little food because you watching your weight. you would barely eat fruits as you already bought yourself some snacks and cant be superfluous in your spending. Besides, Aisha is the foodie here not you. init?

Get the point fam. Read the words rather the ink of which they have been crafted.

The fact that a person appreciates the beautiful colour that each variety of food is adorned with (by the Almighty), the fact that I like to have a taste of, not just a single type of food (for i am no food racist, aha!), the fact that i eat fruits before a meal, while relaxing, or suck on a candy while studying does not make me a foodie. And then, the fact that you don’t do all that but eat only thrice a day does not make you any less of a foodie!

Some of these people who tag others foodie, eat with bowls big enough to house a baby during its shower, thrice on a daily basis and still say “Why are you such a foodie?” to people like us. Biko who are you deceiving?

i am making no suggestions that we eat for countless times in a day or make every food item a commuter into our intestines. i am simply saying, know the difference! appreciate food, savour the taste of each variety, eat but with moderacy and know the difference between what a foodie is and what it’s not!


And here we are readers, it’s still like a puzzle for whomsoever got carried away by the flow rather than the message (like i usually do when i read an article tirelessly.) It’s okay uno. You can read again to find out if i am a foodie or not :). Just know one thing for sure: moderacy is the key to leaving a healthy life (even in matters with no relations with food.)  If you eat varieties moderately and you’re tagged foodie, turn your “deaf ear mode” on. Shikena!

Warning: this post is not give a generally accepted definition of the word “foodie” but to change your notion as to how to use the word appropriately. Quoting me could hence, land in you in a foodie mess… :’)

Thanks for reading.

Nana bee