indian-traditionThere is a proverb that says: if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. Well, for me, wishes have been horses, and i enjoyed the rides to reality, from mere wishes. Alhamdulillah – though i am no beggar 😀

It was a sunny day and i was in one of the classrooms at school. The regular cheers, banter and all was going on amongst the students and i was enjoying the thrill that flowed with the muses. However, i was more focused on a student comedian who was exchanging pleasantries with some of his colleagues.

As i watched on, i noticed the boy was greeting and hailing his friends from place to place. He would greet jack, move on to the next row to pat harry on the back, and then proceed to exchange a handshake with tom and so on (i used those names bacause i know not their names.) Then i noticed he did something to one of his friends. Rather than greet him like he did the others by standing, he bent down to touch the feet of his friend and then returned his hands to his forehead, clasping both palms. I watched with amusement as this act reminded of scenes from indian movies. I had never seen anyone do that in reality since i was sane enough to comprehend or recollect the happenings around me.

As i watched on, i saw him do this for about three times and his friends hailed him, laughed and jeered him to stop. His actions are usually humorous enough to in fact, rock an entire audience, not alone his parlance – very captivating! Though i paid attention to this particular student because of his humour and the humility he often displays, i was carried away by that act of greeting i saw him perform. I found myself thinking of being greeted in the same way and how much i would laugh at the silliness of it all. I wondered if i could perhaps greet someone that way and watch them remember the scenes they have watched it on, in indian movies. In short, i just wish it could happen with me being the do-er or the doee (is that even a word? aha!) Alas, i was making a silent wish that i dint even realize i was making at that moment, until a week after.


I was standing in front of a lecture room when a boy in his freshman walked up to me. I had not seen him coming, so the effect his greetings had on me was even more galvanizing.

He went straight to touching the tip of my shoes and raising his hands to his head and then doing it again, for at least three times.

My God! Was this not the same greetings i had yearned for – just the previous week?As i grinned uncontrollably at him, he started to explain that he was greeting me in the manner of the indians and that a respectable person should be greeted so, had we been in that part of the world. But his explanation was not even needed. He had done me the favour of having my wish come true without even knowing it. We exchanged further pleasantries, talked about study and then, he went his way but i didn’t go mine. I just couldn’t get over it so quick. I stood by the rail across from the lecture room and pondered the wonderment of Allah. He is “aalimul-gayb washahadah…” He is He who grants requests and fulfills desires. i was grateful for that little wish that He granted me and then i had a rethink of the proverb “if wishes were horses…” changing it absentmindedly to “wishes could be horses too.” for indeed, my wish had become a horse.