She rose at about 5:30, exactly an hour after her alarm went off. It was becoming a routine, gradually. She was beginning to hate the whole process of wanting to be disciplined. She didn’t want to care anymore. She just wanted things to go easy. Ease. How she loved an easy life!

As she dragged herself out of bed she remembered everything she needed to have woken up with on her mind. She had finally found her bearing. Life was just seeming to occur as a reality to her; again. An inevitable territory for struggle. She put on her flip-flops of determination even before she wore the physical one lying before her on the floor.

She needed to sweep the entire house like she always does every morning. Food must also be ready by 7:45am!
“Why didn’t I sleep earlier last night?” happened to be the only thoughts ruminating her mind as she stroked the tiles of the living room with the haggardly short broom. She wasn’t prepared for any hiatus in her activities that morning. She just wanted a clear – almost blank – mind as she swept the pieces of papers, crumbs of cookies and other particles alongside the dust that glamoured the living floor.

“Tade!!!” bellowed aunty moji. She couldn’t but reply as the broom already announced that she was right there, within earshot. As she replied, her aunt cut-in, “Where were you last night?” She need not say any more words. She had been caught and wouldn’t go scot free this time.
She had been careless enough to leave tracks of her dern this time and her aunt’s promise, that she would be sent back to the village if found guilty of that act would now come to past.
“What garment of humiliation has she just sewn for herself? She has engineered her own doom and didn’t even leave any loopholes behind to make her opportune for denial. Well, Life must continue, I have to face this…” The thoughts went on and on. She dropped the broom and went in to aunty moji in the kitchen, kneeling as she ventured in. “Kneeling wouldn’t solve a thing. But then, you never can tell” she said to herself as she started to plead.
©Nana bee
October, 2016