jogThroughout my studentship in the University, there has been no time I smiled at my results as much as I did after my second semester; well, so far. As a novice to the University system, as well as being a person who had been away from the class environment for a period long enough to enter a new leap year from the leap year before, I found so many activities difficult. It was a struggle and a war I couldn’t fight without tears or consolation from my kins. Even with that, it still was an arduous experience.

In my first semester I didn’t care about results. I just wanted to have “Cs”; having heard what “D” stands for and look like. D , to me, was the beginning of failure. (Need I say that C isn’t a good result? If you are about to go in there to make wave, let “B” be your pass mark.) My worries compounded on my Matriculation day. I received a test-script and my score was, in all sense, depressing. If I hadn’t prepared for the test, if I didn’t study like a student should, I wouldn’t have being bothered. But failure after work always presents a form of sadness incurable! I was sad for the rest of the day. I retreated to my room and stopped the celebration I allowed myself to relish with my colleagues earlier on. I was bothered now, about how I had written the answers to number 3 under question 5, incurring poor scores for myself.

I started to talk to a colleague – one of those whose brilliance would forever shock you, as they never make efforts to study to know, to them, it just comes easy like breathe. And here is the deal my friend. The fit to make you lead the rest. The exact way I helped to keep my mind open whenever I wanted to study.

That colleague of mine, told me to quit the “non-stop” read style I had imbibed and relax awhile. “The body and mind needs some exercise before it should be put to work each time. Do something to keep your mind at home and all the day’s stress.” He would say.

Of the numerous ways to exercise, I chose jogging. I made it a duty to jog after fajr (dawn prayer) every morning before each day’s routine. And alas, it was the best choice I ever made. Though I felt pains and was discouraged right from the scratch, but my goal was my drive. I believed so much in what this colleague had prescribed and wanted to see how it worked.

As I made progress with assimilation, I found that some other mates had joined in exercising every morning too. Only that majority thought I just wanted to keep fit. Deep down however, I knew I wanted to win. And I did win. i checked my second semester results and I gave gratitude to the almighty, for helping choose the fit style to study.beginners-page

Are you fit? Do you even exercise at all? To stay healthy, keep in good shape or have a clear mind? Muslims are far from the word “fail.” They are people who know how to grab the Bull by the Horns! They seize the opportunities life presents them and make efforts to get better, each day.