A lady passed out right in front of me two days ago. Believe me it was like a joke! I had never experienced such and for an instance, I thought it was an act. Like for real? …. Alhamdulillah she was revived but with the intervention of a doctor. We couldn’t get to wake her up so we zoomed her to the nearest clinic.
No one knew why that happened as at then. We just could conclude that she had been all gloomy lately. She wouldn’t talk much and she snapped at her caller(s) over the phone. In addition, I thought she was suffering from “depression.”
When you are depressed, you are nowhere. If you are someone like myself, then you are even in oblivion; a place beyond nowhere. As a result, I can’t be depressed. Like No way! Depression makes me lose my mind and I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything. So I got a way out, I don’t let it happen.
After she was back to life, a friend tried to get words out of her. In the end, her problem was actually linked to depression. I guessed right! And you know what that problem she had was? You don’t wanna know, trust me.

There are so many things that could get you depressed. A sad day, a failed plan,an unsuccessful activity, a heartbreak, an important person in your life who never gets to understand you matter how hard you try to earn their understanding, the list is endless! But you know what? It’s totally unacceptable to think that wealth you covet, that baby you so adore, that (wo)man you are bottomlessly heads over heels with, that family you cherish so much, would be a part of your life forever. It’s good to be optimistic and assured but hey! Heartbreaks don’t come with notifications. Take it slow on yourself. Be happy but know that “no condi is permanent”. If the girl in the picture below committed suicide because her boyfriend dumped her for her friend (which is what the news implies), then what should the people in her life do to express/suppress their distress. What would her mother do to get back her precious daughter?

Life is a moment. Do not live it dying a meaningless death. You don’t even have to commit suicide to die. All you need to die is to be permanently heart broken, refusing to heal and move on with your beautiful life. And there you are; a goner!

You are special, and if whomsoever you expect to realize how special you are and treat you so doesn’t, then it’s their loss. Not yours!