It’s quite pathetic that the circumstance that envelope the youth of today are usually triggered by trends set by people who are of a particular status in the society. Gone are the days whereby an individual’s daily activities- norms, values, behaviors were determined by the origin he is from; culturally, ‘socially’ or religiously. Talking about the influence an individual gets socially, it may be his immediate social environment, or how he is socially influenced on a national or universal level (which used to be a rare occurrence.) Today, however, a youth’s steps, dress sense and speech are usually in one way or the other in the direction of the western ideology. One of these ways include “music and dance style”.

My problem with the generally accepted dance styles – which of course isn’t usually as a result of any form of con-censorship amongst the youth, started with “shoki.” As it was getting wide spread amongst the Nigerian youths, I heard about the dance but never saw a vivid display of it. The first time I eventually saw a person do the shoki dance I got irritated. The guy was displaying to his friends by standing on a spot, teetering and doing a slow bounce like a spring expanding and contracting. He also covered one eye as he gyrated, which was what actually crowned my irritation. What sort of a dance would require that you cover an eye?!

As Muslims, we have been given prior information by the Prophet (pbuh) about “dajjal”, the anti-christ. Virtually everyone, including non Muslims know that he is one eyed and that one of the logo of the “illumati” is to display an eye in solitary to their satanic gods (as the case may be.) If ‘shoki’ requires that one eye be covered, then it only refers to one thing; the way of the shayateen. I was able to convince only a few people with this point of mine while I felt a high sense of repulsion towards this dance. Majority never thought it meant anything. To them, it was just for the fun and amusement. As ‘shoki’ was dwindling amongst the Nigerian youth, there was yet another coming on the way; the ‘dab’dance!

Each dance style adopted in the society almost always originate from a musician via a musical video. The likes of “yahoozeh, azonto, etigi e.t.c. were functions of musical videos later taken up by the youth. The dab dance wasn’t an exception. For me, the olamide song “oya dab!” was the first I heard of it. I saw styles of it on Instagram but later saw a vivid display of it in an episode on jenifa’s diary.

Musicians are people whose lifestyles are different from ours as Muslims. They drink, sometimes smoke, go to club and flirt with women. A layman would naturally just dance to their tunes without any consideration but am average Muslim is and should be far from a layman. If being a Muslim means that you pray five times a day, fast and try to avoid certain things regarded as prohibited in the Quran, then your mind should gravitate you towards the details of whatsoever trend you are falling victim of. No musician gets his inspiration from the Quran. They don’t go to the places they go to help you, their followers get closer to Allah. They only do what they do to divert you to their path; the path of shaytan.

“And of mankind is he who purchases idle talks (I.e. music, singing, e.t.c.) to mislead (men) from the path of Allah, the verses of the Qur’an) by way of mockery. For such there will be a humiliating torment (in the Hell-fire)” Suratu Luqman verse 6.

I once heard a story about a sheikh who was a part of a team making ruqya for a particular person not long ago. This victim at some point started talking, but it was obvious it was the demon in him talking through him. He said certain things that the sheikh had never heard of, nor understand until years later when he heard the same words in a song by one of the local Yoruba musicians. This story had been on my mind since I heard it and it only confirmed what I already conceived in mind; the inspiration for music is from shaytan.”

The dab dance didn’t bother me much as i never thought it would be widespread like the other dance styles. It seemed boring and un-attractive but i was wrong. I also did not think Muslims would adopt the insane dance until I saw a tweet with the photo of certain northern girls in hijab dabbing! What craze? This dance seemed rather classless but they do it with so much commitment that you’d think it earns some score for them.

For the sake of avoiding claims of proselytizing, I wouldn’t request that anyone stops this, rather I would ask if the person knows why (s)he is dabbing and the story behind it.

Dab is said to have originated from Atlanta hip-hop scenes and also from individuals who snort cocaine discreetly from their elbow, acting as though they were sniffing. Whatever the origin of dab is, asides the aforementioned, it is certainly not in association to Islam nor the acts of any of our predecessors, not alone the prophet. In an hadith, the prophet instated that “whoever acts like a set of people is one of them.”

Furthermore, one of the signs of the last hour is the approach of the Anti-christ which could be closer than we may think it is. He would have followers; which is already an attestation today as many are preparing his welcome party, doing all sorts of dance styles involving covering one of the eyes in one way or the other, of which dab is not an exception. The question to be curled from this is: are you preparing a welcome party for the Anti-christ too? If not, why do you dab then?! To follow the crowd or follow the Rasul?

Aisha Harun (Nana bee)
July, 2016