Ramadhan has been amazing so far. For me, it’s been yet another struggle reminding me that nothing comes easy; an effort is always required.

On day 15, I already made up my mind to keep the flow of the diary on till it’s time for i’tikhaf. But as Allah is the best planner, things didn’t go as I planned. To leave trash for lawma as my brother would sometimes say, I found myself compiling each day in my head, never beyond.

On the 18th of Ramadhan, I made a post but I couldn’t finish up. And then on the 19th, same repeated itself. There have been lessons that I really wanted to transmit i.e. day 17 from which I learnt the pertinence of a hug to your fellow Muslim, friend or family; especially when they are going through difficult times.

Here is a bit of the gist:
The su elections had just ended and a colleague emerged as the vice president. We were not particularly friends as we were in different departments but we always exchange tesleem and certain pleasantries. As I left the masjid that afternoon to go back to class, I saw her discussing with some people and so i decided to congratulate her. I offered her my hand but she hugged me instead. Subhanallah! It was that kind of hug that tells you to not withdraw from the other part until the person let’s loose. She hugged me so tight, rocking a bit and I hugged her back. She said a few words and expressed her gratitude as I eased off her embrace and left. I couldn’t help but conclude that she hadn’t been able to ease the surge that washed through her since the announcement that she emerged winner.

Later that evening, we had an event at the school stadium and for some reasons, I watched the comedy artistes closely as they dismounted the stage. As each of them left, he tried to hug another fellow or embrace the MC. At first I thought it was just a person, but then I saw another do same, then another. They were amateurs, still growing in their career and the crowd still had overwhelming effects on them. As I watched on, I couldn’t help but link it up to the morning’s occurrence. And then I thought of me.

I used to get so tired of school work before my third year. Stress is one thing I don’t know how to handle and then sometimes I just need someone to console me real bad. As a freshman I used to turn to my parents. My dad would always call me about 3 times in a day repeating that I don’t push anything far. And when I did push far, he would always offer his condolence along with my mom. They used to help me ease the stress.

In my second year however, I met a lady and we soon became bossom friends. As such, i had a comforter nearby; though we take turns to comfort each other. For her, she just needs you to listen to her when she is stressed. Listen to her and say a few words to reassure her and she is fine. But I, a hug from her was what relieved me the most; a hug goes a long way wallah. And if she wasn’t there, I just cry a while to make the pressure bounce.

As I reviewed the activities of that day I couldn’t help but resort to the conclusion that it is very important to be there for someone else; especially when the person particularly wants you to be there for him/her. It’s one of the rights we owe ourselves as Muslims.
I also learnt on day 15 that humility is the key to greatness. No matter your level of wealth, class or knowledge in life, always regard yourself as just another servant of Allah so as not to drawn in the pool of pride.
On a last note, our concentration during salat is one issue I planned to write on but couldn’t. We need to be more conscious of our postures and body language while we pray so as not to perform a mere exercise. The common mistakes made are “looking around while standing, and bending so low during ruku – rather than have your back flat so much so that a rounded item could be placed comfortably on it. The last ten days are for us to move closer to Allah and perhaps, away from our gadgets and all forms of things that could divert our attention. It is for us to perfect our deen and also allow the Qur’an be our guide.

May Allah accept our acts during this blessed month as acts of ibadah.

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