I am having cranberry
Raspberry, blasberries for iftar
Name the berry and its my merry Ramadhan is so much jolly

I have fasted with all my might
15 to 18 hours that’s been so tight
I am trying to impress my creator
Without carving off like a curator.

A nice meal I had for iftar
Filling my spines beyond my tommy
This monthly routine is such a price
And I pay it well, keeping off all Rice

I am now lost in my own tears
Pools of blood circling my length
I miss the meal I had for iftar
Two days ago and still counting

Land of woes is where I am from
Bereft of all the joys it used to have
I ask for nothing more than a penny
To save for sahur, skipping today’s iftar

It was fun when we had water
The kids holding hands as they claps their worries
The rags we wore made us feel like kings
For breathe was all the wealth we were left with

My guilt would never leave me
I pretend like I feel no dizzy
Stocking my fridge while I grumble
About how my purse flattens over time

I can’t drink water straight from the tap
Nor consume groceries straight from the earth
My personal list of worries goes forever endless
As my brothers in the middle east suffer in silence

They cry but we laugh
No! They are not silent amidst their wails
But you and I have seem not hear
Ignoring them like we don’t even care

Can we even love brethren?
Do we have hearts hidden away in our chests
Even at iftar we barely remember
To mention their troubles to Allah

Know that you are no Muslim enough brother
If you care not of the affairs of your brothers
As they whimper away across bothers
Do the lot you can to better their fetters.

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