I was walking back and forth the porch yesternight when I noticed the exquisite ball above. The moon was bright and it made me delighted. As I was moving close to the threshold getting a handful glimpse of it, I needed some artificial source of light to see the rims by the threshold so I wouldn’t miss my steps. The lamp I had with me shone as I clicked it on and it caught the shell of a snail sliding across the porch. It was odd to see a snail at that place and I beckoned on Faiza, my friend, to check it out.

She wasn’t intrigued by it but was rather conscious of the fact that the snail was moving towards the center of the lane which could make it get crushed if a passerby had no lamp or torchlight on while crossing it. She told me to move it aside and then I did, after taking shots of it though. I actually wondered if snails don’t see at night coz it didn’t hide into its shell as I snapped on. It just kept moving.

I took the snail off the road and deposited it in the shrub close by. And Alas! An act of deed was done!

👂👂👂Did I hear you say that’s insignificant?? Of course not! Remember, a promiscuous woman was promised Jannah because she fed a thirsty dog with some water and a pious woman got the tidings of hell as she left a cat unattended to until it died. This is in no way undermining worship or piety but emphasizing the importance of kindness to all creatures that walk the earth.

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Good night guys 😇

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