Creation is more like a systematic process, with a symbiotic relationship between the stages as they descend. Plants feed on water, animals feed on plants, humans feed on animals and so on. Though, the luxury of life make some forget that they are as good as paupers if there were to be no people: to work under them, or for them to rely upon for their work to be swiftly done. In whatsoever stage you find yourself in life, it is imperative that you know that you are not insignificant. Know that certain person(s) would feel your absence if you were to pass on this minute. You are special; we all are in our own different ways.
Yesterday evening as I returned from work πŸ’πŸ’” I noticed a flock of birds in the air. It was an unusual and dramatic sight. I stopped to watch the activities of the birds wondering why they stayed out that late, with activism flowing through their wings as they flew. After watching for about 2 minutes I figured out they were catching nuptial flies “esunsun” in the air with their beaks, and perching on the the tree nearby or the zinc opposite the tree to savour their preys. It amused me and as I watched on, a lady who was walking by asked what they were doing as she too, was amused. “Why are they flying in multitudes like that?” She inquired as she looked on. I replied that they were feeding on the flies and she said “Oh” with a chuckle and went her way.

As I was about stepping on the porch that led to my compound, it struck me that I could take pictures of them, and then I thought of making an entry out of the scene. It’s just the tenth day of ramadhan and I my diary is still yearning for posts. And now, here I am, talking about these birds. 😹😼😼
It’s funny how humans feed on these same flies that the birds were feeding on. Though, I doubt if I can ever eat those flies, I know people who have eaten them and confirmed their sweetness. Allah has designed this dunya so much so that distinctions in all things vary. Imagine spending the night on a tree between branches. It would be rather unthinkable not talk of being welcomed by our imaginations! But then, for those who grew up in the country-sides of some parts of southern Nigeria, and perhaps some other parts of the world, eating those flies – which the creatures that reside in between the branches of trees (birds) eat – is already a norm to them. We clamour status and want nothing but class when actually we are classless in the sight of our Creator; except by virtue of course! (Of which none knows how virtuous he truly is.) We marvel at new models of phones and cars, looking down at the people below us, forgetting that we wouldn’t get a bigger apartment than those we look down upon would in our graves. We forget that each and every one of us were created from a drop of semen and would fade into dust after death claims our souls.

The birds are not worthy of recognition like we are to our fellow humans but Allah granted them wings to fly; which we are deprived of. They dive the sky as they like, singing songs they never learnt nor rehearsed as they wish. We often forget to stop to ponder over how much we haven’t thanked Allah for, while we persistently ask for more.

The signs of Allah are numerous and it is about time you let down your shawl of pride. Aim for class but do not neglect adorning yourself with garments of humility before your creator. Overlook the ill manners of people and count your blessings rather than the wealth Allah has put in your care. Remember, this life is for a moment compared to the life of the hereafter. Sow good seeds now so you may reap a bounty of crops later.

May Allah accept our fasts as acts of worship. Do enjoy your iftar.😺🍨🍹

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