Kola is a product of an interreligious marriage. I do not want my tone to seem like he is an object of experiment, but he is vividly an element of confusion.

As a child, he is torn between two worlds; he has to observe and allow his young mind absorb the things he has learnt from Islam and the other religion. He may think he is prepared now but who knows? The processes one goes through in life are never predictable. His current state is probably as a result of the fact that his parents married each other because:
1. Lust
2. Impatience or
3. Ignorance was in the picture.

The religion of Islam is one that allows for assimilation; culturally, socially etc., as long as it does not go against its injunctions. In fact, a Muslim man is allowed to marry a non-muslim woman (with certain conditions). Though, never should a muslim woman in the religion marry a non-muslim.

However, we need ask ourselves lots of questions before we walk into the abode of ‘love’ or perhaps, ‘eternal bliss’ as the case maybe. The feelings that come at the scratch would only remain if both parties are on the same page. Never put feelings before “God” regardless the situation, for it is He, who allows affection to reign between spouses as He so pleases. “…and He has put between you affection and mercy…” Surah Ar-rum verse 21.

Often times, you’d hear young couple say religion means nothing or that the other person would change after the marriage has been conducted. We fool ourselves a lot, thinking we cannot carry on without a person regardless the constraints that prove themselves as threats to an everlasting abode. We forget that death could help turn the table all around within the twinkle of an eye, snatching away that person you so love and think you could not do without.

Take a look at the life of the prophet with Nana Khadijah (R.A). He loved her so wholeheartedly but the story of his life with Aisha would seem like it was the only love life he ever had. The situation of the prophet can be in no way compared with ours but isn’t he meant to be the exemplary character we all should emulate?

Do not open your eyes and let your offsprings sail away from the terrain of the deen because of your love of this world. After all, our families, in spite of their pertinence, remind us solely of this dunya. It is only our brethren that truly remind us of the world to come. Children born and bred by devoted parents still require lots of prayers to help keep them on the lane not alone those born by parents with diverse religions.

In whatever you do; especially falling in love, let it be first for the sake of Allah and the others would fall in place. Kola can’t practice Islam now and sadly, may never be able to. While his father would keep on with his daily salawat and other activities, forgetting that he would be questioned about how he flocked his sheep on the day of resurrection.

Do not be – for whatsoever reason – a parent like Kola’s. No matter whom he or she is or would be, if they ain’t upon the deen, you haven’t found that right person to spend the rest of your life with.

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