During jumuah today, my phone rang, and it of course divided my attention. While it was ringing continuously, I couldn’t help but think who the heck it was that was calling at such a “Godly hour!” I thought of the fact that it was totally wrong to have left my phone on at the masjid but I couldn’t do a thing to stop the ringing. Lucky for me though, my ring tone is a quiet kind of tone and so the casualties included myself and just the people closest to me at the musallah.

This evening, I bumped into a meeting; late. I was informed late and as such had to rush over there. Despite my hurriedness, I didn’t forget to put my phone on silence immediately I got seated. It just came naturally; subconsciously. I didn’t relate that action to that of the masjid until the phones of about two people rang at the meeting, I wondered why they left their phones on ‘ring mode’. Couldn’t they let us have it quiet in the meeting room? And then -*seriously Aisha? You did same at the masjid* – goes my inner-voice.
In life, we take our deen with levity than we do every other activity in our lives. We dress properly to please people rather than to please God. We walk the way we walk and act shy the way we do for the sake of people. We forget our manners while eating or even having casual conversations with others because those manners do not appeal to the people around us; which shouldn’t be so.

It is imperative, dear reader, that we are conscious of every activity in our lives as regards the view of Islam on each of those activities. May Allah guide us aright.