WhiteIt was a Thursday and I was just getting back in. It was a busy day and the evening that followed was even more hectic. I went shopping and was tired and ravenous by the time I got back; around 7:30 pm 🌚.

Weeks ago -before the Thursday evening- I was Ill. I was on medication and took afternoon naps quite often as a result. One afternoon,after my nap, I got up to observe solatul asr and then after I said my tasleem, still on the prayer rug, my eye traveled far off to my pillow. I was realizing for the first time that there were flowers beneath the pillow. I got up abruptly and picked them. It was the sweetest thing I had seen in a long while. Wondering who could have put it there, I came to a conclusion. It could have been Fareedah – whom it’s most likely not – or Kawthar. Yes! Kawthar! It has to be my bestie!

I ran all the way to her room and hugged her. She was almost confused. She asked me why I beamed that much and then I asked “did you put the flowers under my pillow?” Of course she did. And believe me, flowers go a long way.

They were fresh flowers still embedded in their original fragrance that I almost refused to dispose them after they wilted.

Now the Thursday.
On getting back that day, I was wondering what I would eat. I had no plans for the evening except to prepare a meal later on; after stocking, observing salat and resting. But I needed something. I fasted on this day and couldn’t particularly wait for long before getting something genuine to fill my tommy; fruits been my topmost requirement.

As I dragged myself along with the groceries into the room, I saw two alien items. There was a pencil wrapped up in a note on my bed and a bunch of bananas on the table. Yeah 🙂 here we go with the topic of this post. I saw bananas and an an eye-liner! I just thought the eyeliner was a pencil or a pen; my bad! ;(

First I picked the eyeliner. To get a bit personal here, I am pretty simple with girlie stuff. I seldom line my eyes (kajal/kohl) and gloss my lips. I am of the opinion; framed mostly by the religion and its teachings, that a woman should go out without unnecessary exposure of beauty. What I didn’t state earlier, however, was that a bunch of my friends and I, discussed getting an eyeliner each a few days before. No one was ready to go buy them so we just let it go. But there it was; a newly acquired eyeliner waiting for me on my bed with a note!

I checked the note and the writing was faridah’s. She wrote me a short note on how beautiful I am and that an eyeliner is nearly insignificant but still could be a bit of a companion at times. I never saw her write and I was totally swept off my feet. It was incredible!

The bananas however had no notes on them but a nylon bag. Boyyy! I was so famished I didn’t even care who brought them. I rather devoured the bunch and when I got halfway I paused. Now who brought the bananas???

In the end, I found out that Kawthar brought me bananas on her way back from class. Speaking with faridah to show my gratitude, she said that Kawthar was stealing me away and she was going to counter her anyway she could. The eyeliner and the poem were just pre-ambles. Lol. It was funny and magnificent at the same time. I felt like an important piece. Kawthar laughed too and replied that she would intensify her efforts at winning me over. But me? I laughed at it all. They were not fighting over me. They were rather showing love in the most astonishing way coz it seemed like a competition. I was the one to fight for them. For the love from wonderful friends should never be underestimated or taken for granted. And till this day Alhamdulillah, I still have these wonderful ladies; with love, in my life.

Grrrrhhhh… I hope it was a bit fun reading this. I couldn’t hit all nits and grits but it’s still all good. Isn’t it? 😞😛😜😝

P.S. for zaynab Adediran
With love,
Aisha Harun (Nana bee)