I saw a little lizard at an open masjid yesterday after asr and I got caught by its appearance. It was very small and hence, appeared vulnerable. Somehow, it got me smiling and appreciate the might of Allah; the Creator of the most minute and the most ample of things.


On a normal day, I have no business with lizards. I don’t like them or have a special interest in them; asides that I find the ones around my current vicinity big, which is rather frightening than fascinating. Ilorin lizards – specifically the agama lizards – are plump. A good example of butties in the land of lizards. Lol. However, I decided I was going to write a poem about “lizard” yesterday. And so I made a mental note of that but it all ended there. Bang!


On getting back to my crib yesterday, I had already forgotten what I wanted to write about so I let it slide. But then as I was transferring bags of water into my compound this afternoon I kept passing by an agama lizard. It was a very big one and it was lying just off the shade of a tent; about 2 inches away. As I went back and forth, the lizard kept moving off the path by the lawn in order to avoid me. It would move underneath a board under the tent and then move out after I got out of sight. I just passed it by and suppressed the thought of how big it was. Big and fat!


On my third round of going to get the water in, I studied its movement absentmindedly and I let out a cry of sympathy, spontaneously. I didn’t realize the lizard was moving back and forth because of me. I was causing it a form of inconvenience as it wanted to enjoy the afternoon sun. I was making its skin miss the vitality it would get from an uninterrupted supply of sunlight in the afternoon. Though I do not know what the benefits are to it, I sure know there are benefits, and I was acting as an hindrance in that regard.


Just as that thought struck my mind, I remembered the little lizard of the previous day and hence, the poem I intended writing; only that I am not in the mood anymore. But then, i’m gonna write it… Hope you don’t find it dry πŸ˜€ πŸ˜•


To the Lizard. . .


Oh you reptile of the day

You crawl in the day and play

Where do you go at night though?

I am not that interested you know


I don’t like you

But then, who cares? shuu?!

You only care about the hot bright sun

That keeps your moist body warm


I don’t like you but I do

I do admire your bravery

Your effrontery, your guts

Don’t they all mean the same?


If I had a day to converse with the animals

I would dedicate an hour or two

To listen to your story of legendary

And learn from your skills of bravery


I run away from the sun

Direct sunlight is hot

Frost not but it bursts

And crushes the pretty moisture on my skin


But you agama

Sit comfortably under this sun

Nodding your head to the rays of its music

Dancing nonchantly to its rhythm


There must be a secret

Lying behind your attitude

You never really run off from humans

You just keep your distance from a glance


You are haughty and proud

Flaunting your beauty to the land of man

Red and black.. Green and grey

A variety of colors you’ve got


I admire your guts

But I don’t envy

For there are queries behind your privies

Is it warapa or leprosy?


As I salute your prominence

Make sure you acknowledge my reference

Do not cross my path for whatsoever reason

We can always say ‘hi’ from long distances


The kids who chase you cannot stand you

Try chasing them back and you’ll see

Even we adults could still fear you

But don’t get it twisted we’ve got “arms”


I hear the Koreans eat you

But not to worry we won’t sell you

Our concerns are just they ugly decoration

You give to our yards and cracked walls


O lizard be fine

Be calm and be fast

Do not go beyond the threshold or door

For underneath the sun is where you belong.


Nana Aisha HarunπŸ˜ƒβ€