Love sails


Pains and trails

Love is a lousy train


Let’s talk about love

The type that links together

Not batallions

Nor in unison different unions

Just two beings together as one


Love engages my heart in a breathing

Engrossing me in its deep feelings

Experimenting my eyes with some weeping

Making me float in a red ocean


An ocean of love and pain



So unravelling

Love is such an alien infusion


I have been speaking Latin

Spanish, Turkish, but not Arabic

I am confused so don’t refuse

To understand this dark poem of loving


Love is strong like fire

Its fire hurts my entire desire

Hot like Ice

Cold like fire

Melting my steel of a heart


This story is sadly a sad one

Different from a luscious bun

Oh I have been drained of all blood

That blows in the sweet direction of love


Look me less I am not your looking mirror

Smile at me less for I am just a bleaking mirror

You trip I rip

You quiz I sneeze


I have lost all sense of armour

So don’t talk to me about amòr

The sound of it hurts my entire being

And pulls me down the lane of no return


A lane of threads of cane

A sail of faltering rain

Rains of pails of pain

Give me some sunshine pls don’t feign


I am a woman of honor

Dignity and color

A woman of customs and values

In this new field of sunshine


The day is now bright

The lawn is now wide

My heart is now large

But yet I still feel pains


Pains of love

from love

and to love. . .

Pains from the fear to be In Love!



Nana Aisha Harun