A refreshing can of shame

A can of coal

With bubbles like imports from mines

Fetched from depths beneath

And then rolled up in a ball.

A bottle of coal

Dark like the pupil of an owl

Refreshing but for a moment,

To the one who lets it off like a trumpet.

A drink of pain

Pain to the one who consumes it

To the one who didn’t even taste it

To the one its gains go to

Gains of shame and pains

Of all the gains in the world,

This gain brings forth only sorrow

And unlimited barrels of pains

Barrels of torment and pains

Barrels of fear in yonder

Castrating the able forever

Silencing the babies so tender

Oh What a drink!

Refreshing you as you gulp

Gulp down the barrels of blood

Refreshing your sense of inhumanity

Oh What a drink!

You buy one you kill tons

Tons of innocent civilians

Lying at the feet of their villain

Oh What a drink!

Sliding down your throat in full blast

Messing with your lungs like tic-tac-toe

Cooking up some parts of your intestines

Perhaps, all.

Oh what a man!

Would fund the killings of his brothers

And then say his quota is too small

To even make it to the borders of the adversary

Stop this pains of vain

Stop this act of shame

Be your brothers keeper today

By saying “NO” to another can of coke.

Nana Aisha Harun