As i walked across the park, i saw a lady stride out from the midst of two cars. She was wearing a floral dress with her hair as packed into a bun on her head. She was light skinned and looked gorgeous. She gave out a low chuckle as she peered side-ways just as she emerged from the midst of the cars, walking towards her friends. On seeing her, my gaze froze. She was the same person i met last monday and i was so thrilled to come across her again.

Treasure Obasi is a youngster, a TV presenter and also an emblem of beauty. I first knew her via NTA young inventors. I used to find all her presentations mesmerizing and i was always tied to the TV screen immediately she comes on air. I don’t usually get obsessed or all mushy over celebrities; whether actors/artistes or orators, but Treasure Obasi was different to me. I loved her almost the instant i saw her on TV and i can remember telling my mum about how well she presents even though my mom watched virtually all her programmes with me. The thing is just that when i like someone so much, especially when it has to do with their career, i can’t stop talking about them.

As time rolled by, i watched less of TV and the programme which features Treasure was probably not regular anymore so i didn’t get to see her like i used to. And then at school one day, my room mate played a musical video on her phone “Adaobi” by mavin, and from my bedside, i caught a glimpse of this gem in the video. I let out a cry and i was like ‘play it again, Oh My God! That’s Treasure Obasi” and my roomie was perplexed. She didn’t know who Treasure was. I then took it upon myself to explain to her and literally everyone in the room. “She is a young TV presenter, talented, bright and sublime. She always wears a smile from start to finish….. “. And then i went on and on like i was paid for the details i was given.

Today at the park, as i looked on at this girl i realized it was Treasure Obasi! We were in the same cab last Monday and i spoke to her. I asked “Are you Treasure Obasi?” And she replied “yes i am” with a smile. Then we exchanged pleasantries. I acted calm speaking with her but in my mind i was so thrilled. I felt like jumping.

I had seen celebrities in the past and i barely stare, i just look away after a glance or two but this was one of my favorite on-air-personalities. Arriving our destination, she turned to me and said “bye Aisha” with a smile. And that completely made my day!

Seeing her today again was another excitement as she was the least person i expected to see by chance, not alone twice in two weeks. But i just walked on and marveled at her beauty. She was beautiful in words and in looks. But above all, her smile is the item that rounds up the whole package. Thumbs Up Treasure! Hope to see more of you on TV; and in person maybe.