I’ve been wanting to upload a new post since afternoon but fate wouldn’t let me. I went out of campus (to town), to get a new jack for my stove and then returned very hungry and tired. I’m actually just recovering as I have been down with fever for like 2 weeks now. Well, that’s just by the way. I am getting better and feeling stronger now. All thanks to the exalted. Alhamdulillah.

I have 3 different things to talk about my day – yesterday – as we’re already in a new day now. It’s 12:47 am now and I’m yet to sleep. The sad part of it all is that I have a class by 8:00am this morning. And to get stronger and off this fever completely, I need a lot of rest. But here I am. Blogging!
The first I’d talk about of the three is; “A sting. A blessing”. Oh! you knew already??? Yeah. It’s the title of this post after all. Well. All I’ve been saying from the first word in the first sentence of this first out of the three post is just an explanation of how the posts are going to be, the arrangement. I mean, by now, it’s pretty vivid that this post is one outta three. A triplet! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  so you should read the other two. Thanks already! (Y)

Before going to sleep on Sunday, the 15th of march, I set my alarms. I set different alarms often times because I believe if one doesn’t gear me off sleep, another would. But the truth is, if I sleep at the right time, or perhaps 3 -4 hours before the alarm goes off, I always wake up at the first bellow. Only that I usually hit the ‘okay’ button rather than the snooze button (So I gear off sleep at the first ring mostly). This habit makes me sleep after putting off the alarm, having nothing else to wake me up until God-knows-when! So to combat this, i usually set 2 to 3 alarms and it helps:-).

When my alarm went off around 4:30 am, I picked up my phone and stared at it, in between blinks. 4:30am? I wasn’t sure I made it. Ever since the beginning of this semester, i always wake up later than planned. Like on the fifth automatic snooze ring because I didn’t hear the alarm ring the first, second, third, or forth time. All thanks to my health though.
I checked the time and then the alarm time. It was the same. 4:30am! Allahu Akbar!!! I think i smiled but I’m not sure. No, I didn’t. I couldn’t have smiled with all those pleas of ‘go back to sleep!’ growling from literally all the pores of my body. I was impressed though.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Should I sleep for five more minutes? ‘Yes pleasssse.’ Came the usual voice that would always make me go an hour more even though i always planned just ‘five minutes’ more. And then another voice said ‘No! You have more time to sleep later Aisha. You really want to sleep and your body needs rest but get up and pray. It’s for your own good.’ I decided to listen to the second. Though I hesitated. I just sat on my bed for minutes, resting my head on the wall and doing nothing. Then i started to scratch my arm. My forearm. I really wasn’t paying attention but i knew something had stung me. This was what really kept me from dozing off. I got off bed and headed for the bathroom.

When i got back in to observe sallah, I saw an ant on the chair by the bed. A big black ant. I quickly picked up something and then aimed at it, wrecking it into 2 halves. ‘This must be the ant that stung me’ I said to myself, ‘but how did it get into my bed?’ My bed is pretty high and it must have been difficult for such ant to get into it. And as I was wondering, getting unto my prayer mat, the answer just struck me.

The ant was a blessing. It came to wake me up for tahajjud. The alarm did wake me but the itching kept my eyes open. I could have slept off if i didn’t have any twitchy pain bugging me. Then I felt sorry for the ant. More sorry for myself coz I had killed an helper. Lol but Yeahhh. That was the way i felt about it. I think i mouthed ‘Astagfurllah’ before I started praying.

I soon forgot about the ant and carried on with my morning. But I thought i could share it on here. I should share! And now, i’m sharing. That sting was indeed a blessing. To me. ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Going to bed now. I stayed up this late coz I went over to kaothร r’s (my school-sister). She was reading and so I decided to join her and write some of my notes that i needed to copy out into fresh a book.
Bye ๐Ÿ™‚