It’s a Friday afternoon and the atmosphere is sooo…. you know the rest. You could possible fry some eggs by just placing your frying pan underneath the sky. The fan’s rolling but I can only feeel simmers….. need I say that my head doesn’t even need stress at this time of the day?But then, I’d be playing with fire if I don’t read. I’ve got 5exams coming my way and I’d do all before the 12th of this month. Well, it’s not worth your empathy as I had all the time in the world to prepare but I still haven’t; well enough.

I am in my second year – first semester – at the university and the game still looks odd to me at times. Actually, I hate reading. I hate reading anything that is boring or requires so much work from me, and that’s what school books are. Boringggggggg! I really do hope that in the nearest future, in my kids generation apparently, school books would be novels and comic books. That way, I won’t feel bad whenever I order my kids to go study as I know that studying is not an interesting thing at all.

I have a paper tomorrow, -knowledge management- so I had better go drive myself nuts for some while now: I mean I have to go read. See ya