Don’t lie, it’s a sin

Say the truth, it’s bravery

Toughness is not an appearance

toughness is a state of the mind

You dont have to be on a battlefield to be strong

Just use the right words and you’re sturd

Lemme remind you of a sayings of Muhammad (pbuh)

Before i launch the slice of gladings

He said, and here I am quoting, that

“A man who defeats in a fight isn’t the brave,

But the one who controls his temper is.”

You feel that bravery?

the beauty and solace that comes in disguise?

Do you understand those word?

It says to be brave,

You just have to keep calm at first

And believe me, piercing words would come handy

Let’s get back to the brass tacks.

We were talking “bitter sweet” before the diversion

The truth they say is bitter and a lie, sweet?

You’d be a little beyond shocked when you experiment it

you need no lab, nor chemicals

It’s just your mouth, let’s do the magic.

Taste the truth and tell me what you feel

Yeah, you don’t wanna bite further? I know

But chewing a lie is worse!

The sweetness ends almost immediately it begins

Unlike the truth, whose bitterness is ephemeral,

Giving you the courage, bracing you for the worse,

Reassuring and making you feel confident.

Diss the other it’s of no use

A lie just makes you shiver, stutter and fidget.

Making you  bad, it would also soil your personality.

Wrapping up this package of bravery due for delivery,

I am going repeat in context rather than words

That speaking the truth is bravery

For lying messes  with your conscience a great deal.